How To Make Vietnamese Coffee?

Trung Nguyen coffee are known to be strong, thus only a small amount of coffee powder is used per cup.

This yield good value as our powder is sold at reasonable pricing and requires only a small amount of powder for each preparation.

Before brewing the coffee, it is also advisable to pre-heat your cup to maintain warmness while the dripping is in process.


Step 1

Add 3 spoons of coffee powder into the chamber of the drip filter.
Place the drip filter over the cup and tap the chamber to even out the coffee powder before compressing the top strainer lightly.

Step 2

Add a little hot water (96-100ᵒC) into the chamber slowly to moisten the coffee powder.
Wait for approximately 20 seconds before filling up the chamber with hot water.

Step 3

Place the cap and wait for approximately 5-7 minutes for the water to drip through the filter. Lift the cap to check on the progress.
Do take note that in order to capture the coffee essence, water has to be dripped slowly.

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